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SuperMini Bar (Standard tip)
A bar for standard cutting/carving work, available in 4 different lengths.
Cannon SuperMini bars have a slender profile and mini sprocket nose, making them ideal chainsaw bars for log-home builders and arborists. For building, notching, boring, limbing, carving or trimming, Cannon SuperMini bars will help you get the job done. These hand crafted professional bars enable the user to perform a wide range of tasks.

A family of bar mounts is available to fit most saws, in 18" and 20" lengths. A hardnosed version is also available
Price(s): 12" - £67.25, 14" - £75.25, 16" - £93.75, 20" - £99.50, 24" - £112.50, 28" - £125.50

Availability: In stock. Website prices only - inclusive of UK VAT.